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VIDA.doc has been considered by the Public Health Agency of the Province of Girona, Dipsalut, as the best project submitted in the grant for non-profit organizations for activities promoting health and healthy habits and improvement actions quality of life in 2014.


Since 2011 the Association Batibull has incorporated in its methodology of educational intervention skills for life to promote health as a learning process for children and youth, in order to influence their empowerment, both psychologically and Community to give individual and social resources to promote health in these groups.
From the pedagogy of leisure and cultural animation, and from the reflection of emotional, psychological, spiritual and social needs at different stages of growth, essential to educate in the digital age, in our leisure activities we want to promote:
Praxis to provide transformative experiences in which children and young people feel committed.
Shared to discover new capabilities and accompany the process of individuation (identity, autonomy) practices.
This year 2014, and as a result of workshop audiovisual life skills for adolescents and young people have developed VIDA.doc, a documentary where the overall resources of resistance are reflected: the realization of meaningful activities, the development of existential issues, internal management and social sentimentos from the group, playful and creative dynamic relationships.
This project was carried out following the model of learning life skills and their protagonists have been teenagers and young people 14 to 18 years, participants Els Químics Espai Jove of Girona. From direct interaction between them and the formation of the audiovisual process, which has been the backbone that has contributed to the acquisition of tools to achieve personal and consequent social action empowerment, has work in order to achieve a proactive learning towards health promotion.