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Nau 4

Av. de l’Estació núm. 7  nauº4
17300, BLANES
Hours: Monday to Friday, 5pm to 9pm.

Nau 4 is a recreational space that promotes Blanes city youth participation through self management of its initiatives. It is also an exchange and meeting point for young. Morralla wants to enhance youth leisure in all its aspects: As a tool for personal development, liberating and constructive.

Nau 4 offers:

  • Recording studio and music production.
  • Multipurpose room.Gymnasium/dance hall.
  • Audiovisual room.
  • Concert hall with a bar.
  • Mini ramp (skateboarding).

You can also find free activities such as courses, workshops, monographs, conference… which may range from painting to manga, to belly dancing or juggling. Included inside regular schedules activities you can find everything, from skate championships to literary contests through Fes-te Jove artistic workshops.

It also offers the possibility to book a place or meet up activities with friends or colleagues association and request the loan of the projector or sound system.