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From our 22 years experience in leisure we offer a leisure school model based on traditional culture leisure in our land and adapted to our actual reality; it is aimed at potential, interests and motivations of children and young people to create an educational and recreational leisure-humanist. This direction tries to promote comprehensive development through sociocultural animation.

Batibull leisure school develops two fundamental principles in its aims and actions: compromise and responsibility for the improvement and innovation in educational leisure, inside a globalized, new technologies and cultural values society. Batibull leisure school based on Active Pedagogy as a way of understanding the teaching/learning. View of the above, emotional education provides:

  • A constructivist learning: knowledge activation.
  • A cooperative learning: based on group work, the interaction and the acquisition of social skills.

Batibull leisure school offers the official title of instructor and director of leisure activities for children and youth, as well as monographic and specialization leisure courses. Has been recognized by the Department of Youth, Family and Social Welfare Department of the Government of Catalonia on 26 July 2011.

You can contact us through Batibull association local entity or via email through Batibull leisure school mail address: associaciobatibull@gmail.com