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The Batibull Association was founded in 1993 to provide educational and leisure and recreational space through creative projects and as an educational practice: the sociocultural animation, actively cooperating with the social and cultural action of the environment where the educational intervention was done to develop and transform the community.

We are an educational non-profit association that took 22 years to accompany mainly children and young people in his life story, which enhance equal opportunities in education and society.

We govern and manage several initiatives with a clear pedagogical methodology based on three pillars: THINK-DECIDES-ACTS to achieve our goals:

– Enhance leisure time as an educational and social value.
– Provide spaces/leisure projects as elements of generators promotion and dissemination of culture.
– Promote critical thinking as an essential element for change, improvement and social transformation.
– Using new technologies as teaching tools.
– Experiment and try different methodologies that facilitate experience exchange.

associacio batibull

Our aim is to provide children and young people in our educational interventions, a HUMANIZING space and staff to learn and grow as individuals from a holistic perspective: from boosting promotional and proactive actions WITH people and FOR people, to achieve a improvement and individual and social transformation.

The company ensures the generation of dynamic processes that are tailored to the needs and interests of the people and in which experimentation and creation spaces provided. Thus, a recreational leisure, cultural progress, and solidarity are generated.

The Batibull Association works for the consolidation of the methodology and implementation of new projects for the young group can access spaces / creative leisure you project where artistic expression is developed in all its dimensions and provide development experiences and individual satisfaction and collective.