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Cook generations

Galery Cook Generations

Cook generations is a project of educational leisure which aims to establish an intergenerational link between older and younger people; to improve social cohesion of the two groups that currently do not have many opportunities to meet, learn and share two very different realities, and enriched by the potential of both generations.

The main purpose of this project is to promote active aging to optimize opportunities for health, participation and improve the quality of life of older people enriching both the development of young people to enhance their overall growth and enjoy a leisure experience creative.

By organizing different cooking workshops and recreational activities and designing a blog, a teaching-learning process motivating and encouraging to be performed.

In this 2nd edition, ia from this center of interest, the kitchen is to enhance the intergenerational link between a group of elderly people from the Association of Pensioners of Vila-Roja (Girona) and a group of young people (students Grade of Pedagogy and Social Education at the University of Girona and young people of the territory). In this 2nd edition we have the support and collaboration of the Civic Center Onyar.

During this process, the group of older people taught how to prepare recipes to young people, and these so designed and cooked culinary blog called generations.